Account-based marketing

Laser targeted account-based marketing with Apollo data

Don’t let bad data block the success of your ABM campaign!

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Target and filter

Targeted outreach

Select key accounts for ABM based on your ideal customer profile and account intelligence

Use sophisticated and precise targeting and filtering capabilities to find the perfect list of companies and prospects. Apollo’s account data supports over 65+ firmographic frields for scoring, routing, research, and analytics.


Drive engagement

Drive engagement with verified emails and direct dial phone numbers on 220 million contacts across 30 million companies, synced to your CRM.


Personalized outreach

  • Build an exceptional customer experience with  highly targeted outreach at scale with Apollo’s automated outreach workflow and message optimization.
  • Split test your messaging and measure your results, tweak and improve your messaging. The Apollo recommendations engine will learn from your activity and intelligently suggest the best leads to go after.

Competitive advantage

Enable your sellers

Provide your key account sales managers with a competitive advantage with an all-in-one sales intelligence & engagement platform.